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Packaging is the best advertising (2)

pay attention to POP advertising

the biggest characteristic of brand dissociators is change! The data shows that 40% of consumers decide on the purchase behavior and brand at the sale site. In Western economically developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, as well as economically developed regions such as Hong Kong and Taiwan, many enterprises have entered the stage of detailed marketing in terms of marketing. Many enterprises have improved their product sales to varying degrees by skillfully making pop advertisements in terminal channels (i.e. outlets)

r when entering the market, of course, it will not ignore the most direct and effective way of communication, on-site pop. In the process of application, we always focus on the above issues to standardize the design and implementation of pop, and give excellent play to the function of pop

pop appearance and content should directly reflect the product attributes and let people know at a glance

The most direct function of pop is to inform: it can inform customers of the launch of new products, convey the content of goods, and make customers in the store recognize products and remember brands and characteristics; Inform the usage of the goods. When consumers have some knowledge of goods, POP advertising can strengthen their purchase motivation, promote them to make up their minds to buy, help consumers choose goods, etc

pop must first reflect the attributes of the product. Although various stores will take measures to distinguish the selling places of various commodities, if pop of a brand can become the identification mark of such commodities, there is no doubt that this brand is very successful. In other words, we should not only let consumers know that R's pop is a cosmetics area as soon as they see it, but also let them form the habit of subconsciously looking for pop of the product in the mall when they think of buying cosmetics. Therefore, our design is full of the flavor of cosmetic products. Whether it is flag hanging or other forms of pop, consumers can be guided to the sale site

pop is a part of the overall brand design. To create a distinctive brand personality

commodity sales is closely related to POP advertising, because POP advertising can create a good selling point atmosphere, make consumers feel the joy of shopping by stimulating consumers' vision, touch, taste and hearing, and the information at the time of purchase will have a great impact on consumers' purchasing behavior, improving brand loyalty and reputation, And establish a good product and corporate image

however, pop of some cosmetics lacks distinctive brand personality. A close-up of a clearly processed beauty's face and the stacking of some product information constitute all elements of pop. It may play a role in informing product information, but it does not help or even have a negative impact on the construction of brand personality. This is part of the wasted 1/2 advertising fee

the pop design of the whole set of R products adheres to the shaping of brand personality, inherits the Japanese style, and creates a fashionable Kazakh atmosphere. Among them, the choice of models is crucial. Among more than 100 models, we selected the spokesperson of R, with oval face, large watery eyes, pure and cute. What is more remarkable is the modeling of the model. For apple and mint, we use two different shapes: Apple shapes dye the hair of the model into a dazzling golden yellow, tied into a Japanese girl bun and ponytail respectively, combined with bold creative makeup, so that she shows a lovely and fashionable Japanese girl temperament between raising her hands and feet. In the shape of mint, the model's makeup is exaggerated and unique, wearing a refreshing blue wig, and more ideological action modeling and scenery - cool and alternative oriental girls appear in front of us

it can be said that we have accurately captured the popular style of Kazakhstan and Japan. As soon as the personality girl was born, she was accepted, recognized, chased and imitated by the target audience. In terms of copywriting and graphic processing, we explore the life attitudes and language habits of target consumers, and say brand and product information in their favorite and most popular expressions. So there is "new. Fresh. Apple season" The birth of "peace, tranquility, mint look" and "youth is not used to accumulate, but to squander", which are branded as target consumers and can resonate with them. At this time, a personal image of R holding hands with fashion has appeared in front of consumers

terminal pop, each has its own wonderful use

cosmetics pop in the general sense includes table cards, posters, flags, human body signs, eyebrow stickers, and easy Labao. They have different emphases, and they convey product information to consumers from different emphases. It is far from enough to use only one of them, because these POPs are different from magazines and newspapers, which have a large amount of advertising information. They are specialized in shaping brand image and can accommodate product information at the same time. Their forms are relatively simple and cannot carry too much information. Only by scientifically integrating and using different forms of POPs within a reasonable space can they constantly stimulate consumers, To promote these materials, their final products can pass the IEC 60695 ⑴ 1 ⑴ 0 glow wire test (GWT) at 850 ℃ without causing the effect of combustion pins

when the space of selling points is limited, it is particularly important to convey pop information consistently.

nowadays, there are many goods in the retail scene, and many brand competitions make manufacturers unable to control the display space of products. At this time, the consistency of the information conveyed by pop is very important. This includes the consistency of brand information, product information, pop style and packaging style. The whole set of pop expression of R is: the acne and oil removing functions of Apple vitamine and mint; Convey the image of yubio on the brand; Other information such as new product launch, promotion, discount, etc., and adhere to the Japanese style

in this way, no matter what kind of pop consumers are exposed to at the terminal, they will not lose the communication of product information and brand due to the confusion of information. Continuously strengthen a message to promote purchase

the design of terminal pop must consider the on-site effects, such as posting and hanging

pop field effect high strength and high heat resistance PLA material is a very innovative material. The first consideration is to be able to grab the attention of consumers - even from a long distance. Therefore, our pop design is concise and vivid in appearance, and the use of colors is very bright, bright and unified. Whether it is the hanging flag to be hung or the poster to be posted, it can be recognized at a glance by a distant audience. The second is the rapid, direct and concise transmission of information. Therefore, pop with small amount of information, such as R's flag hanging, platform card and human body licensing, does not take detours in the pursuit of copywriting, and points directly at the hearts of the people, so that consumers will be attracted as soon as they enter the store. Posters and light boxes are relatively informative. We convey product and brand information in advocacy language and with the tone of the target group, which is also vivid and concise

extension of terminals

we believe that terminals cannot be limited to the sales site. It can be extended to any place that target consumers can feel. For a regional market, the rotating encoder of the seller, that is, the connection between the working point and the selling point, is a terminal part that cannot be ignored. Unlike the outer packaging display and pop at the sales site, these terminals attract target customers who enter this area through the use of local large-scale outdoor advertisements, bus advertisements and other cheap and efficient traditional media close to consumers' lives. In this respect, R has its advantages: it can cooperate with other brands of the group to form an overwhelming outdoor network in the sales area and establish image publicity points. Our principle is: in the case of limited funds, first meet the needs of key sales markets, gradually improve, and finally establish an ideal, long-term, fixed and vivid outdoor coverage network of R products


different products have different strategic needs. We always emphasize that the planning itself has been dominated by self-employed renewable plastic processing enterprises in China for a long time. There is no difference between good and bad, only suitable and unsuitable. If you are suitable and operate in place, you can achieve success. Based on the principle of "small budget, big advertising", the terminal communication strategy we formulated for R product is not suitable for any brand, but it is just right for R. We believe that the terminal communication strategy, with the perfect implementation of customers, will bring a perfect market for this product

source: China consulting planning

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