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The national standard project of the printing industry in 2003, which is under the jurisdiction of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee and organized by Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., Wuhan University and communication college, has been reviewed and issued by the national standardization management customer design committee, They are: printing technology

prepress data exchange guidelines and principles for developing PDF/X standards and printing technology prepress data exchange PDF use suitable for full exchange of color management processes (PDF/x-3)

these two standards are formulated in accordance with China's national standards, which should be conducive to promoting technological progress and technological innovation, promoting the integration with international practices, cooperating with China's accession to the WTO and actively implementing the spirit of the "standard acquisition" policy, and adopting the corresponding international standards iso15929 and ISO 15930-3

with the development of digital prepress technology and web publishing technology, PDF file format, with its outstanding characteristics and advantages, has become the data format of document graphic information and page description widely used in China's printing and publishing industry without any obvious permanent deformation. Especially in the process of electronic publishing, image processing and output, PDF/X data exchange is very frequent, and the unity and reliability of data exchange are high, However, the lack of corresponding data exchange standards restricts its application in the printing and publishing industry with graphic information as the main body. Therefore, the formulation of these two standards is a prerequisite for the establishment of data exchange in line with international standards and the requirements of China's industrial production in the process of computer full process control experiment. It has important guiding significance and practical application value for the digital production process of China's printing and publishing industry

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