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Longgang printing and packaging town cracked down on "three false" certificates

release date: Source: Longgang release

and meet the experimental force. On August 25, Longgang Municipal Supervision Branch Bureau carried out an untimely surprise inspection on the seal and certificate business areas under its jurisdiction, striving to supervise and enforce the law "without leaving a dead corner". This assault broke through the regular work and rest time on the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling "fake seals, fake official documents and fake certificates". However, due to the restrictions of environment and fuel consumption, the experimental data can also be calculated, sorted out and exported according to industry standards or enterprise standards, so that there is no place to hide the "three false" acts of manufacturers and traders

"three false" special crackdown and rectification action is a special law enforcement action against "false seals, false documents and false certificates". It is understood that it is impossible for Longgang town to only pay attention to the overall quality since it launched the "three false" special crackdown and rectification action in June this year. So far, eight suspect have been punished, and the "three false" special crackdown and rectification action has achieved initial results

this action was divided into eight inspection groups. Each group conducted a comprehensive inspection of the gift city and the centralized business area of seals and certificates on Zhanqian road according to the scope of the division, checked the display and production of various certificates, badges and certificates in detail, and guided the correction of the problems existing in the display of counter samples

at the same time of the inspection, the law enforcement personnel publicized the laws and regulations of combating the "three false" in each store, emphasized the requirements of marking "sample" on various product samples, and signed a letter of commitment with the operators on site to effectively improve the legal awareness of the operators

in this surprise inspection, more than 60 law enforcement personnel were dispatched, 168 business households were inspected, more than 300 letters of commitment were signed, and more than 200 copies of "a letter to the people of the whole county to carry out the crackdown on the three fake" were issued

in the next step, Longgang supervision branch will continue to strengthen inspection and rectification, and carry out "look back" action in a timely manner, strictly investigate unlicensed business operations in accordance with the law, and severely crack down on the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling "fake seals, fake official documents, and fake documents", so as to ensure that a deterrent effect can be formed through high-pressure crackdown

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