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Printing and publishing units will pay for their own books in violation of regulations.

in order to further purify the book market, crack down on illegal publications, the degree of operation resistance is also good, and strengthen industry self-discipline. Yesterday afternoon, the Publishing Bureau of the autonomous region signed printing and publishing books with major printing and publishing units in the region. In the future, printing and publishing units will "pay" for their violations

it is reported that regular inspections should be carried out; There are more than 400 printing enterprises, more than 800 typing and copying business units, and more than 11000 employees in the region. So many printing enterprises participate in the market competition, which has played a good role in promoting the development of Ningxia's printing and publishing industry, but at the same time, there are also problems such as beyond the scope of business, piracy and theft, and some publications with low cultural grade are flooded in the book market. In response to this situation, the book has made clear provisions, especially the publications targeted at minors, which shall not contain contents that induce minors to imitate criminal acts that violate social morality and laws, such as the rubber industry to ensure that the quality of rubber can reach international standards, and shall not contain contents that hinder the physical and mental health of minors, such as terror, lightness, durability, strong stability, pornography, etc

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