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Printing industry and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games it is reported that the Beijing Olympic economy has been fully launched. According to preliminary estimates, from now on to 2008, the total investment in Beijing will reach 1.5 trillion yuan, of which the investment demand related to the Olympic Games will exceed 280billion yuan, which will effectively stimulate the continuous expansion of the city's investment scale

there are infinite business opportunities in terms of the construction of stadiums in the environment of Olympic liquid or corrosive solvents, the construction and operation of urban infrastructure, the development of modern manufacturing industry, the development of service industry, the development of environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources industry, and the development of tourism. How to make good use of the Olympic economy and its market and firmly grasp this development business opportunity is a problem that every enterprise needs to consider, and the printing industry is no exception

at the beginning of August, various licensed commodities with the 2008 Olympic Games emblem "China seal" appeared in 10 licensed commodity retail stores in Beijing, which took a lot of time to change dyes. The new anti-counterfeiting labels of these Olympic licensed commodities focused on two security anti-counterfeiting technical means, one is the engraving gravure with invisible patterns, the other is the special watermark paper with holographic windowed safety line. Both technologies have strong anti-counterfeiting performance The public anti-counterfeiting technology features high reliability, good uniqueness and long timeliness

the provision of anti-counterfeiting technical services for Beijing 2008 licensed goods has been won by China National banknote printing and Minting Corporation and Beijing Stamp factory. BOCOG finally determined these two enterprises after a fair and strict review

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as early as Beijing's bid period, Shenzhen Yachang company attracted the attention of the people across the country because it printed the bid report for the Beijing Olympic bid committee

now, taking advantage of the opportunity of the Athens Olympic Games, founder of Peking University has launched a full range of software products serving the newspaper industry, and launched the founder system to help the Olympic theme publicity month with the theme of "the same competition, the same wonderful". Beijing University Founder's work during the Athens Olympic Games will provide experience for helping to host the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. At that time, you can show your skills

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"founder system helps the Olympics" theme Publicity Month Guangzhou trip helps the Olympics - founder book edition presents a generous gift

at the theme forum of the Olympic economic market promotion meeting, an Kaibin, chief representative of Kodak China, said that Kodak will fully support Beijing in hosting the best Olympic Games in history, Jointly perform this unprecedented event. At that time, Kodak will provide world-leading imaging products and services and information imaging solutions to meet the diversified imaging needs of BOCOG, athletes and spectators. If the transformation and upgrading can be successfully realized, "Kodak will directly participate in the operation of the Olympic Games, not just sponsorship." An Kaibin's tone was quite firm

at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Kodak will assist BOCOG in four tasks. The first is to help ensure the safety of the Olympic Games. Kodak will produce certificates for all people who enter and leave the Olympic Games, 350000 certificates and 80000 visas for the Athens Games; Secondly, an image center will be set up to provide professional photographers and various image services; In addition, it will provide a comprehensive medical diagnosis service clinic, using advanced digital medical imaging technology; A digital output center open to the audience will also be established, where photos can be printed, modified and processed, uploaded to, sent to friends, or sent to the printing service, or made into CDs. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the Olympic Games, Kodak will bring more imaging technology, medical imaging, portrait photography, commercial imaging, film production and digital printing systems to China to improve the technical level of the industry and drive the business of Kodak and its partners

at present, Kodak headquarters in the United States and relevant departments in China are actively preparing for specific activity plans

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