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Printing and technology work together to create a new situation in the industry

the printing industry in the 21st century is no longer a labor-intensive industry that lacks scientific and technological content. The development of digital technology has brought solid technical support to the printing industry; The production and operation of energy conservation and environmental protection will contribute to the sustainable development of the printing industry. Driven by science and technology, the printing and publishing industry will open a new chapter. Recently, under the organization of Shanghai Publishing Bureau, I visited some digital printing enterprises

printing and digital, regeneration and opportunities

at present, as a new business form of Shanghai's printing industry, digital printing industry has become a noticeable new industry growth point. At the same time, a number of representative enterprises and key development areas in different fields have been formed

In the Internet era, how to seize the personalized printing and online printing market has become a concern of many enterprises. Shanghai famous brand Tongkun Digital Printing Co., Ltd. is one of the largest digital printing service providers in China. Since 1996, digital printing technology has been used to provide customers with the service of test bar breaking. With advanced technology and high-quality services, it has provided digital printing services for many Olympic construction planning and venue design projects, such as bird's nest and water cube. In this year's WorldExpo, Tongkun also provided digital printing services for some pavilions, including the production of the exhibition Manual of the Peier Shanghai World Expo by the British Pavilion exhibitor Peier group and the production of the personalized multimedia CD by the Dutch Pavilion, which met the requirements of a large number of personalized, instant and short version digital printing of some exhibition halls, and realized the digital printing features of variable information, instant personality and zero inventory on demand

it is worth mentioning that Tongkun's real-time and personalized printing features keep pace with the times not only face batch orders from enterprises, but also accept individual printing needs. It enables printing and publishing to enter every family. With the growth of modern people's spiritual and cultural needs, more and more people like photography, writing, collection photos, pictures, etc. we can even send emails directly without leaving home, Send the materials to Tongkun, and then it will produce, print into a volume, and finally send them to customers by express company. The person in charge of the company also specifically mentioned that modern enterprises have missed the Internet. What they have missed is not just an opportunity, but an era

there is no doubt that digitalization has become the mainstream of the development of printing technology. Digital workflow, digital proofing, automatic plate making technology and on-demand zero inventory printing are being vigorously promoted and applied in modern printing production. The advantage of on-demand zero stock printing, namely green printing, is that it can reduce the cost when the printing volume is low, print small batches of books quickly, and help the publishing house effectively solve the problems of sample books, reprinted books and out of print books without spending excess material inventory. Change the traditional printing industry in the past, such as large inventory and immutable information

in addition, the development of new products, new equipment and new technology of digital printing have also virtually opened up a new market for us. The only double-layer Blu ray disc production line introduced in China has filled the gap in domestic Blu ray disc production. As the only manufacturer of genuine Blu ray discs in the market, Shanghai Xinsuo music Co., Ltd. has reached the world's unified high-definition technical standard

printing and environmental protection, and transformation

in this society that stresses low-carbon economy and attaches importance to recycling, environmental friendly printing and packaging is conducive to the overall sustainable development of the printing and publishing industry, which has become the general trend of the development of the printing industry

it can be said that environmental protection has aroused the responsibility of enterprises for society. Shanghai Zhonghua business union printing Co., Ltd. has taken many positive measures in cleaner production. During the visit to the company, it was found that the enterprise adopted an environmental friendly and energy-saving central ink supply system in production, which reduced the consumption of ink. By making full use of the waste heat of the waste flue gas of the rotary machine, the heat energy is converted into hot water for domestic hot water in the plant. The plant layout design adopts natural lighting, and the lights can not be turned on in sunny or even cloudy days, which saves a lot of power resources and coal resources, achieves energy conservation and environmental protection, controls the temperature of indoor air conditioning, reduces the waste of power resources, and implements a reasonable production process of one piece of paper without going back, avoiding the waste of resources in the round-trip transportation of paper

China business also actively participated in various public welfare activities and donated money to Sichuan and Yushu earthquakes; Donating books to Dujiangyan from the authenticity of fixture design in China business, what we see is a microcosm of the printing industry. Today's development of publishing and printing industry is not only a contribution to the society and economy, but also an emotional and emotional feedback and gratitude

more and more enterprises pay more attention to environmental protection in product packaging, and try to create a vertically integrated industrial chain driven by creativity, including operation, planning, design, operation and incubation, and adopt a creative driven business development model. Jinhuitong Co., Ltd. is a model enterprise in the new mode of printing industry. Compared with traditional printing enterprises, such companies have the advantage of selling creativity and implementing the enterprise development of creativity + industry, that is, the mutual penetration of creative services and creative product transformation, forming a unique business model of the company. Leaders such as Yu Zhengsheng, the Shanghai municipal Party committee, Han Zheng, the mayor of Shanghai, and Jiao Yang, the director of the Shanghai Publishing Bureau, who have visited the company successively, have highly appraised and fully affirmed the company's design of such a system

this new development mode has brought broader development opportunities to the printing industry, and has also been implemented by more and more enterprises. The security printing company has the courage to explore the high-tech electronic anti-counterfeiting field, and devotes itself to the research and development of core technologies and products based on Fred. Through independent research and development, the qualified rate of high-quality Expo tickets provided by the security printing company reaches 99.9%, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of the future electronic ticket market. President Ding of security printing company said that in the near future, the real name system of IOT will also be implemented in China. At that time, citizens do not need to queue up to pay when shopping in shopping malls and supermarkets. Through laser scanning, a series of behaviors such as payment and purchase will be automatically implemented in an instant

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