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"Intel Cup" competition award ceremony North China Industrial Control Co participation industry grand event

the 2010 Intel Cup Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition embedded system special Invitational award ceremony was grandly held in the academic lecture hall of chenruiqiu building of Shanghai Jiaotong University on July 24. As a partner of Intel and the only experimental platform provider of this Invitational Competition, North China industrial control was invited to participate in this review and award ceremony. Mr. Liu Hui, deputy general manager of North China industrial control, and Mr. Chen Lijun, manager of university program cooperation, were recruited as members of the expert group of the Invitational Competition, responsible for formulating the evaluation rules, reviewing the report and selecting the entries, and presented awards to the award-winning students as guests

a total of 60 works won awards in this competition. These winning works are designed based on the embedded hardware platform using Intel Lingdong processor provided by North China industrial control. The works have a high level of technology and are closely combined with market trends and industry needs in topic selection

group photo of the members of the expert group of this Invitational Competition

within three months of the invitational calendar, the college students participating in the competition used their spare time once they were approved to carefully prepare their entries from the links of design, production, debugging and design report, and made their ingenious ideas come true through wisdom and collaborative spirit. Compared with previous works, the works of this undergraduate design competition have more innovative points and stronger practicality. With the end of this design competition, the embedded hardware experimental platform based on Intel Atom processor provided by North China industrial control has also been unanimously recognized by students and the jury. The platform helps college students give full play to their design inspiration and finally design excellent independent innovative works. The award-winning student said: this stable and fully functional development platform provided by North China industrial control helped us easily complete the design of our works, and fully focused on the research and development of new copper based powder materials, which confirmed the strong strength of North China industrial control in embedded technology. We can't successfully complete our work without the considerate service and comprehensive technical support provided by the program cooperation manager and platform technicians of North China University of industrial control

on the scene of the award ceremony

the deputy general manager of North China industrial control (first from the left) took a group photo with the award-winning students

North China industrial control, an embedded hardware platform based on Intel Atom processor, EMB-4650 motherboard, adopts epic specification and is based on Intel Poulsbo Sch chipset, The onboard Intel Atom z510p processor and 512M DDR Ⅱ memory have low energy consumption and strong stability. The board has one LVDS and one DVI-D interface, and supports independent dual display function. 1 Gigabit card design, multiple storage methods, support IDE, CF and SD card readers. In terms of i/o interface, the EMB-4650 supports 2 serial ports, 8 USB2.0, 1 LPT, 1 PC104, 1 Mini-PCI, 1 PCI expansion interface, and supports 8-channel digital i/o

North China industrial control embedded motherboard emb-4650

after strict screening, the jury selected a number of award-winning works from the design works of Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology, Peking University, Beijing Polytechnic University, Northeast University, Nanjing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Central South University, Wuhan University, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and technology and other universities. This design competition has produced a series of creative works, including shadow puppet art, moving stage, paper extension tablet with synchronous voice function, a new generation of projection demonstration system, augmented reality experience platform with tactile feedback mechanism. There are many factors affecting tool wear, paper currency sorting and counterfeiting system based on atom platform, finger multi touch system based on color recognition, portable three-dimensional reconstruction system The reviewers were amazed by the mobile 3D video conference system based on cloud rendering, the 3D office system based on augmented reality iffice, the interesting walking system based on body perception and stereo display, the atom based wheeled robot of linglinggou, the security monitoring guard of the industrial park, and the automatic monitoring system of visible foreign bodies in medical drugs based on intelligent visual computing. All the above works use the embedded motherboard EMB-4650 provided by North China industrial control as the hardware platform

these works focus on industrial applications and are close to the theme of the times. It covers the applications of IOT, advertising digital signs, industrial applications, automatic control, vehicle management, medical and health care, rail transit, security monitoring, digital home and other aspects, fully demonstrates the design innovation ability and overall design ability of contemporary college students, and completely extends the embedded concept from books to practical industrial applications

in the era of information and networking, intelligent technology has changed the world. From made in China to created in China has become the mission of the times at this stage, and talent is the key to enhance creativity. This competition is an opportunity for Intel and North China industrial control to provide good practice for college students. Intel's technology + North China industrial control's hardware experimental platform + students' creativity have embedded new souls in students' works and created excellent works with more innovative applications. Judging from the results of this competition, contemporary college students have unlimited potential and enhanced their ability to innovate and practice. North China industrial control will also continue to provide more innovative experimental platforms for college students and create more value for China's education

for details about the works, please visit North China industrial control station: university planning section to learn more

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