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Printing and packaging projects should not rush into mass action

after reading this almost ridicule topic, is it a bit strange? This old bag is the packaging and printing project I want to talk about today. Uncle Bao is rich and powerful, but will he suddenly turn over and disown others when people rush to hug him? Printing enterprises must have this ideological preparation to prevent excessive hype of a packaging and printing project

do not rush to follow the trend.

Chinese people have a problem and like to join the fun and follow the trend. When I heard of a good project, I would rush into it regardless of the subjective and objective conditions, and even before I understood what was going on. As a result, I was deceived and lost my wife and my soldiers

with the rapid development of social economy, the market demand for commodity packaging is increasing, and its huge development space provides a once-in-a-lifetime development opportunity for packaging and printing enterprises. At this time, it is indeed a wise move to launch packaging and printing projects. But the packaging and printing enterprises that have been launched may not be all right. The situation of market competition has been set aside. If printing enterprises rush into mass action without market research, it is bound to cause overcapacity, just like the book and magazine printing projects that followed the trend in those years. There is nothing wrong with the idea of self-help, but we must be cautious in the selection of projects, and we cannot act too hastily

everyone grabs the market through vicious competition. Don't fight a price war through vicious competition.

there are market characteristics of one period at a time, and vicious competition is easy to appear around this theme. We require book printing enterprises to put social benefits first, as should packaging and printing enterprises, otherwise the industry norms, industry interests and professional ethics will be destroyed. In the face of market competition, packaging and printing enterprises must maintain a good state of mind and act cautiously. They must not provoke a price war for the sake of private interests and do harm to others

don't choose the wrong project

packaging and printing is a systematic project, which includes many projects. When choosing projects, printing enterprises must not blindly go on projects. They must repeatedly authenticate and carefully consider, ranging from market prospects to technology. There is a book printing enterprise in Nanchang. Facing the increasingly depressed book printing, it resolutely introduced carton board printing and post-processing equipment, transformed carton good accessories and facilities, and formed a perfect and excellent electronic universal experimental machine packaging and printing. However, due to the lack of deep market research, the wrong way to introduce equipment, the poor source of carton business, coupled with the rise in the price of raw materials, the processing cost is too high, making the enterprise stop and stop, resulting in serious losses

although this is a case, it reminds us to be cautious in investment and use our brains in selecting projects. Once the wrong project is selected, the survival and development of the enterprise will be affected, and expensive tuition fees will be paid for it

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