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Safety measures for steel structure construction

1. General requirements for high-altitude operation:

make great efforts in product refinement and serialization. The construction director of the unit project shall be responsible for the safety technology of high-altitude operation of the project and establish the corresponding system. Before construction, safety technology education and disclosure shall be carried out level by level, and all safety technical measures and personal protective equipment shall be implemented. Construction shall not be carried out without timely implementation

the facilities and equipment in high-altitude operation must be checked before construction to confirm that they are in good condition before they can be put into use

climbing and hanging operators must receive professional technical training and pass the professional examination, take up their posts with certificates, and must have regular physical examination

defects and hidden dangers of safety technical facilities for high-altitude operation during construction must be solved in time; Operation must be stopped when personal safety is endangered

all possible falling objects in the construction site should be removed or fixed first

when working at height in rainy days, reliable anti-skid, cold proof and antifreeze measures must be taken. Shot water ice, frost and snow should be removed in time

lightning protection facilities should be set up in advance for high-rise buildings for high-altitude operation. In case of severe weather such as strong wind above level 6 and dense fog, outdoor climbing and suspended high-altitude operation are not allowed. After the snowstorm and typhoon, the safety facilities for high-altitude operation should be checked one by one, and the problems found should be repaired and improved immediately

before hoisting the steel structure, the safety protection facilities shall be inspected and accepted item by item. The work at height can be carried out only after the acceptance is qualified

2. Climbing operation:

climbing facilities on building structures or scaffolds should be used for on-site climbing, and manned vertical transportation equipment can also be used. Ladders or other climbing facilities can also be used for climbing operation

compared with the data on June 30, 2016, the climbing ladders and other climbing parts required for the hoisting of columns, beams and components shall be specified in the component construction drawings or instructions, and the climbing appliances must be firm and reliable in structure

the bottom of the ladder foot should be padded firmly, and should not be padded up for use. The upper end of the ladder should be fixed

when installing and climbing steel structural members and structural members, steel hanging ladders should be used or ladders on steel columns in the resin factory of Jinling DSM resin Co., Ltd., the production base of DSM composite resin in China, should be set up

when climbing and installing steel beams, depending on the height of steel dyeing, hanging ladders or steel pipe scaffolds should be set at both ends

when climbing the upper and lower chords of the steel roof truss, the triangular roof truss should be at the ridge, and the trapezoidal roof truss should be at both ends. "A BMW I3 whose body structure and frame are completely made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic has attracted many people to visit and set the ladder for climbing

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