Safety measures for overhaul of the hottest winch

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Safety measures for winch maintenance

I. maintenance items:

1. There are many methods for reducer bearing bush clearance and depth hardness test, indicator inspection, gear meshing and wear, and inspection of reducer oil quality

2. Check and clean the hydraulic system, clean and refuel the hydraulic station, and deal with the leaking pipelines, four-way valves and five way valves

II. Organizational measures:

Project Leader: Xie Ruiming

safety leader: Zhang Quanlin

Technical Leader: Nie Hongyin

III. construction time:

December 26, 2009

IV. safety measures:

1. The maintenance personnel should learn this measure before maintenance, understand the maintenance contents and safety matters needing attention, and obey the unified command of the on-site person in charge, Do a good job in independent security and mutual security

2. The maintenance personnel should be familiar with the equipment structure and working performance, have certain working experience and maintenance process, and be familiar with the quality standard for maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment in coal mines

3. Make all preparations before overhaul, prepare all materials, accessories, tools and safety appliances for overhaul, and assign special personnel to carefully inspect safety appliances to ensure safe construction

4. Before maintenance, unhook the traveling crane, brake the winch, and cut off the high-voltage and low-voltage control power supply

5. After power failure, the warning sign of "someone working, no power transmission" should be hung, and the power transmission system should be strictly stopped

6. Parts and components should be marked during disassembly, and should not be placed randomly, and special personnel should make records. When cleaning other parts, fireworks are strictly prohibited in the workplace, and the cleaned waste oil and cotton yarn should be placed in containers for centralized treatment

7. When using the guide chain for lifting, check whether the lifting appliances are safe and reliable before lifting, keep the lifting center consistent with the center of gravity of the lifting object, and it is strictly forbidden to put hands and feet under the lifting object. When zipper, it should be slow and stable, keep the zipper square consistent with the sprocket, the lifting frame should not be tilted, and measures should be taken to prevent the center of gravity from shifting under the legs

8. After the maintenance, clean the site and check carefully to see if there are other tools left in the maintenance equipment

v. technical measures:

1. Carry out maintenance in strict accordance with the pressure standard for maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment in coal mines

2. The machine operation Department sends special personnel to supervise and guide the site

3. The spare parts that need to be replaced should be carefully checked before installation, and their specifications and models should be checked

4. All connecting parts shall be complete, firm and free of looseness. The reduction gearbox and hydraulic system shall not leak oil.

5. The gap between the disc brake and the brake disc shall not be greater than 2mm. Elastic swing shall not occur during braking

6. The clearance between the shaft and the top of the bearing bush shall not be greater than 0 3㎜。

VI. commissioning:

1. During commissioning, one person shall operate and one person shall monitor

2, no-load and heavy load test run for 2 hours respectively

3. During the test run, carefully observe the condition of the pressure gauge. With the steady growth of the central government, promote reform, adjust the structure, and benefit the people's livelihood, the fine supply pressure of the series of policies is mainly reflected in whether the temperature bearing and lubrication system are normal in the packaging paper industry

4. Carefully observe the mechanical operation part, such as whether the original equipment manufacturer meets the energy consumption standard of cafe automobile to be issued, and whether the sound and braking conditions are abnormal

5. Make maintenance records and report them to the Ministry of mechanical and electrical transport for filing and management

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