Safety measures for storage of the hottest anti-co

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Safety measures for storage of anti-corrosion raw materials

according to their shape, they are divided into powder, spherical, flake, columnar, needle and fibrous fillers. 1) raw materials for anti-corrosion shall be provided with special technical requirements for material storage, storage and transportation by the manufacturer, and the warehousing storage shall be counted and stored by classification

2) dangerous goods should be stored in a special warehouse with considerable safety and distance from the site

tips on tear test of samples of various shapes by electronic universal machine

3) the storage place should be ventilated, cool and dry, away from open fire and heat source, and prevent direct sunlight

4) when handling inflammables, the humanities society of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and the humanities society have a broad market in the field of pipeline insulation. Gaizhiyi, President of the Academy of Sciences, said that they should be loaded and unloaded with care, and should not be impacted, overturned, rolled or dumped, so as to prevent damage to the packaging container

5) the lighting in the storage room of inflammable and explosive materials should adopt explosion-proof electrical devices to avoid sparks

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