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Safety measures for climbing and hanging operations

a. operators at heights must dress neatly and wear safety belts. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippery shoes such as hard plastic soles and high heels to work at heights

b. Set up a general manager reward fund. During climbing operations, climbing appliances must be firm and reliable in structure. For mobile ladders, the bottom of the ladder foot should be solid and should not be raised. The upper end of the ladder should be fixed and the lower end should be reliably connected

c. When climbing the ladder, there should be anti-skid measures on the ground. The angle between the ladder and the ground should be 60 degrees. It is not allowed to lean over and stand on the top step of the ladder. When going up and down the ladder, you must face the ladder and do not hold utensils

d. The construction personnel shall walk up and down the specified passage, and shall not climb between balconies, external frames, formwork supports, column bars and other non specified parts

e. According to the results of the research team, there should be a firm foothold at the hanging operation place, and protective fences, railings or other safety facilities must be configured according to the specific situation. The operation platform must be set up for the binding of column reinforcement, the support and removal of column beam formwork and concrete pouring of more than 3 meters. The external scaffold or cantilever frame must be set up for the construction of external wall and corner column, and the safety shall be hung according to the regulations

f. When working at heights, all materials should be stacked stably, and should not be placed near the edge or the hole, nor should they hinder the passage and loading and unloading. The walkways, dismantled materials, surplus materials and waste materials should be cleaned and transported away in time, and should not be arbitrarily placed or discarded downward. It is forbidden to throw materials when transferring objects

g in each construction site, any material that may fall must be removed or fixed first to prevent falling injury

h. It is strictly forbidden for operators at heights to play with each other to prevent falling hazards from falling

i. It is forbidden to work at heights in strong winds, heavy fog, heavy snow and freezing weather above level 6

j. During high-altitude operation, all operators must operate in strict accordance with the above measures, and violators will be fined 50 ~ 200 yuan

2. Safety measures for object strike

(1) the outer frame must be set up with the main body, 1.5 meters higher than the operation layer, with dense eyes hanging outside and tight joints; Bamboo plywood is used as baffle inside, which is completely closed and bound firmly; The bottom experimental machine is widely used. The part frame is covered with bamboo scaffold board, and a layer of iron sheet is laid on it to prevent impact. A scaffold board is paved on each flat floor of the frame, and a safety board is hung on every other floor

(2) it is strictly forbidden to stack wood brace, fastener, butterfly buckle, return pin, steel bar head, short steel pipe, tools and other objects on the outer frame to prevent falling and hurting people

(3) the concrete and stones scattered on the frame during concrete pouring must be cleaned up in time. The scaffold must be thoroughly cleaned every 10 days

(4) the vertical transportation of tower crane must be commanded by a specially assigned person, and other personnel should certainly listen to the command of Cong. When lifting objects, two-point lifting method must be adopted. It is strictly forbidden to use a steel rope for lifting. Loose materials must be loaded into containers for lifting, and no one is allowed to stand below

(5) during operation, the tools should be held firmly to prevent falling and hurting people. If there is no protective layer in the middle, all construction personnel are strictly prohibited to stand in the same vertical direction for operation. All construction personnel shall handle the materials with care and shall not throw them

(6) all construction personnel are strictly forbidden to operate under dangerous operations such as formwork removal and scaffold removal. When the formwork is removed, the safety level must be hung around, and the warning sign of no passage must be hung at the obvious place of the passage. After the formwork is removed, it must be stacked neatly in time and specification (it is strictly forbidden to stack materials within 1 meter of the edge), the construction waste must be cleared downstairs, the floor must be cleaned, and there must be no stones left at the edge

(7) set up 2.5m, 3.6m and 6.0m double-layer protective sheds at the entrance and exit,

(8) stop operation in heavy snow or freezing weather

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